• Naked Eggs

    Remove the hard shell and keep the egg intact

  • Oobleck

    The non-newtonian fluid

  • Gumdrop Structures

    Explore Engineering with candy

Kid-safe Elephants Toothpaste

Elephants Toothpaste is a fun chemical reaction that creates a huge blob of soapy foam that everyone loves.

Extract DNA from fruit

DNA is the blueprint for life. This simple experiment will show you how to extract DNA from fruit like a banana or strawberry. All you need are some fruit and some things you probably have around the house right now.

Make your own crazy daisies

It's always summer somewhere in the world and this is a great activity that lets you create your own special flowers in the colors you choose. Gather up some carnations, some daisies or pretty much any white flower and some food coloring and have some fun coloring flowers.

Color Changing Potion

If you're a Harry Potter fan you may want to try your hand at…

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