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halloween stuff

Halloween is rapidly approaching! You can prepare yourself with some spooky science with just stuff you probably already have around your house.

After you finish carving up a spooky shrunken head or your Halloween pumpkin why not create a batch of fake blood and flesh to decorate yourself as well? If that’s a bit too much you could just mix up some gooey slime and use it to gross someone out. Of course if you scare someone too much you can always say your sorry with some Halloween flowers. With a day’s notice it’s pretty easy to create some orange and black flowers with a bit of food coloring and pretty much any white flowers. If you really want to put on a spooky show for some friends, try mixing up some color changing potions or even pretend to change water into wine.


Carl Nelson, Chief Scientist at Imagination Station (formerly COSI Toledo) in Toledo Ohio.

Over the past 23 years at the science center, Carl has served Exhibits Director and Chief Scientist.

As Chief Scientist, Carl is responsible for the development of science content and training for large-scale in-house demonstrations, one-on-one activities as well as weekly live television segments.

Carl holds a Master’s degree in Physics from Michigan State University and spent his tenure there conducting research on low-temperature superconducting thin films.

Prior to working for Imagination Station, Carl worked at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum as the Outreach Coordinator and was responsible for managing and delivering outreach programs throughout southeast Michigan.

The Science Cafe website is a collection of science projects, experiments, and other educational activities collected over the years. If you have any suggestions or ideas please let Carl know by leaving a message! You can also find more information at his personal site, CarlDNelson.com